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Best Places To Take Engagement Photos In South Florida

Best South Florida Engagement Locations

South Florida is not only one of the best destination wedding locations in the entire United States but it is also one of the best engagement session locations in FL. Because we are located in Palm Beach it is hard for us to choose just one location as the best engagement spot in South FL. Here is a quick list of the 10 best engagement spots to take photos in South Florida. Check out the info below for more detail on each location.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

First on our list is the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum. Located in the town of Jupiter FL and only a half hour drive from Palm Beach this engagement spot can also double as a wedding venue for your destination wedding. Originally opened in 1973 the lighthouse is a perfect blend of beach and architectural beauty. This is the spot where many popular movies have been filmed including “Pleasure Island” starring Kevin Costner & Bridget Fonda. The views of Jupiter Inlet from this location are breathtaking! We recommend going early before it gets busy with tourists as you will get more time to take pictures without interruption. It is always worth checking out the old lighthouse tower too if you want some really cool photos for your engagement session that isn't along a beach or boardwalk.

You can find out more by visiting their website at

Pan's Gardens

Located right in our very own backyard Pans Gardens is your perfect engagement session spot when your in Palm Beach FL. Founded in 1994 the botanical garden only contains plants that are found native in FL. It also is host to a number of education programs. You can find out more about the gardens on their website here:

Morikami Museum & Gardens

Just north of Boca Raton is the beautiful Morikami Museum & Gardens. Florida has a century old connection with Japan and it is at the Morkiami Gardens that a small band of Japanese gardeners set out to revolutionize farming in Florida. The gardens boast 16 acres of different paths with a huge variety of plants making it a perfect location to get the best engagement photo session.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Located in Miami FL, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the most picturesque spot for your engagement session. It's an old Italian Renaissance style estate built in 1916 with a European garden that has lush foliage all year round. You can get some really beautiful shots of you taking walks through the gardens or even sitting on one of the benches overlooking it from afar! This location boast some beautiful architectural locations to take engagement photos at. Most people can gain access to the grounds when the museum is also open to the public. However, a photo session here will cost $250 during the weekday and $350 on weekends.

Flagler Museum

The Flagler Museum in Palm Beach is a historic site of Henry Flagler's Gilded Age estate, Whitehall. It was built to be the largest single family home on record at over 60,000 square feet with more than 165 rooms and 65 fireplaces.

You can take wonderful pictures there because it offers such an eclectic and unique setting for your engagement session! You can find out more about this location on their website here:

Art Walk at Wynwood

While this "location" is not always available you can plan an engagement session to lign up with the second saturday of every month. That is where tons of people, businesses, and some really cool locations open their doors at night leaving some really awesome opportunities to get some cool engagement photos for some nightlife action.

Bonnet House

Built in 1920 bonnet house is a testimate to both art and the preservation of historic Florida. The grounds that encompass the location is one of the last examples in South Florida of a native barrier island, and the historic house on site was constructed in an art-deco style with influences of classical European design. It was the main location for the movie "hoot" as well as "The Bachelor" and "The Glades" as well as the season 7 finish of "The Amazing Race". They do have a $20/person cost for individual photography sessions and for commercial photography prices start at $500 for 5 hours.

You can find out more about the Bonnet House on their site here:

Cape Florida Lighthouse

Built in 1825, the Cape Florida Lighthouse was one of the most important lighthouses on the East Coast. The lighthouse property is currently owned by Broward County and has been a popular location for engagement photos since it opened up to public access.

The white exterior and neoclassical design make this an elegant backdrop for your photographs with options like the beach, gardens or even historic buildings within view.

Deering Estate

Nestled in the coast of South Date, the Deering Estate is a great place to take engagement photos in South Florida and is even on the list of National Register of Historic Places. The lush grounds are perfect for a romantic photo shoot and the natural lighting is second to none. Even better is the variety of indoor and outdoor spaces making this a perfect location for your wedding day photos as well.

Ancient Spanish Monastery

This location is full of picturesque locations to take photos and there is no better backdrop than this historical building. First constructed in the United States in 1953 this location has beautiful artwork, architecture, and gardens. In order to take photos here however there is a $250 fee which covers up to a 3-hour session. You can read more about this location and their mission on their website here:


HIDDEN GEM ALERT! - Woods Wildlife Sanctuary.

Want to take your engagement photo shoot somewhere off the beaten path? We highly recommend this gem out near Delray Beach Florida called The Woods Wildlife Sanctuary. There are almost acres to explore which means there will be plenty of great places to find just what you were envisioning for photos while also being able to avoid any crowds due to its location and seclusion.

If finding your perfect location is proving difficult, there are even apps like InstaPlace which can help you locate some great spots near where you live so it's worth giving it a try! The app has over four million users worldwide so chances are good someone close to home will have a suggestion.

If you are looking for an engagement photographer in South Florida to take your photos then please give us a call! We have affordable engagement session rates and can service most of South Florida.

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